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Meet Dr. Flanary

Having received three degrees from the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Flanary was recruited to San Antonio, Texas to Co-Chair the Dentofacial Deformities Clinic at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry. Her next ten years were filled with patient care, national and international lectures, research endeavors, peer-reviewed journal publications, textbook chapters and transitioning into private practice.


Several decades later, she would be compelled to sell her highly successful practice to pursue alternative health solutions. She became determined to find real answers to the challenges with which many of her family and friends struggled. Over the next six years, she attended more than 35 cutting edge healthcare conferences, galvanizing her understanding of the root causes driving chronic illness.


She has since founded a Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic.  Oxygen Regenerative Therapies can be found online at  It is here that she coaches clients both virtually and in the San Antonio area regarding safe and effective ways of detoxing.

On a More Personal Note

Hi, I'm Dr. Carolyn Flanary. 


In 2017 I was so moved by two of my dearest girlfriends who had each confided in me within a two-week period that they were so miserable in their chronic illness that they were ready to leave this world early. Neither one was even 60 at the time. Feeling a true calling, I sold my extremely busy orthodontic practice to find answers for them and others I knew with serious health challenges. Beginning January 2018, I set out on a mission to discover what sadly no practitioners seemed to be recognizing. No one was even asking the right questions. Keeping an open mind to all possibilities enabled me to discover so many needed answers. I remain ever grateful to the many world-class mentors I encountered along the way.


My understanding of the chronic illness process changed in wondrous ways. BioEnergetics is an essential framework to clearly understand the true nature of disease as incoherent frequency. A Quantum BioEnergetic Scan can reveal a host of root causes, pointing to issues needing to be addressed in the physical and bioenergetic realms. It thus gives your body a “virtual microphone” through which to talk like nothing else can, revealing what is agitating it today. Quantum BioEnergetic Technology becomes real empowerment to anyone who embraces it. 


In the meantime, I have created the Quantum BioEnergetics Academy, the Group Foundational Detox Program and the KetoFasting BootCamp. All three self-paced teaching portals can be found at As a companion to the Quantum BioEnergetics Academy, I have also published a book titled RESONATE: The Quantum BioFeedback Revolution which  can be found on this same site. It is a compilation of real-life stories of people whose lives have been touched in significant ways by Quantum BioFeedback. It is my hope that one of these might be the catalyst that helps you realize a new way of looking at health and healing.


I invite you to join me in a deeper pursuit of solving health challenges. I await your arrival!

With Love,

Dr. Carolyn Flanary

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