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Coaching Forms

FAB Private Membership Form

This form establishes the constitutional freedom we all enjoy to freely speak among ourselves and clarifies that Dr. Flanary is in no way acting in the capacity of a physician but instead as an alternative health coach.

Please be sure to sign this form then send it back to

Client Intake

This questionnaire is basic health information to assist in the understanding of the historical and current aspects of a client's health status leading to a greater understanding of the overall wellness of that individual.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment Form

This downloadable document is a 14-page clinical symptoms questionnaire that is designed to identify those symptoms linked to a specific area of root cause concern. Once a client has filled out this questionnaire with total transparency, the practitioner will have valuable insights into the nature and severity of the health challenge and its root causes.

Pyroluria Questionnaire Form

This downloadable document is to assist IMAET practitioners and owners to discover if they or their clients might have pyroluria. If it is suspected that someone may have pyroluria contributing to a health profile, this is an easy symptom questionnaire to administer, and it is also readily found on the internet by searching pyroluria questionnaire. Many people are unknowingly impacted by this condition. Once identified, steps can be taken to remedy the condition and its many consequences.

Amino Acids Mood Questionnaire
(by Trudy Scott)

This questionnaire is a symptom survey leading to a greater understanding of which neurotransmitters may be low and needing to be addressed through diet and supplementation.

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