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Personalized healing strategy based
on your test results

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Non-invasive Tests:

  • Quantum BioEnergetic Scan for Root Causes

  • OligoScan Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing (in office only)

  • Trace Mineral/ Vitamin Testing (in office only)

  • Toxin/Mycotoxin Testing by Urinalysis

  • Menla Full Body Scan of Vital Body Functions (in office only)

  • Applied Kinesiology Testing 

  • Blood Studies/Lab Testing

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We Use:

  • Comprehensive Foundational Detox 

  • Mold/Fungus Purge Protocols

  • Parasitic Purge Protocols

  • Lyme/Pathogen Purge Protocols

  • Gut Recolonization Protocols

  • Systematic Heavy Metal Removal 

  • Optimization of the Immune System

  • Nutraceutical Cellular Support

  • Epigenetic BioEnergetic Feedback

  • REDOX Cellular Signaling Support

  • Bacterial Biome Signaling Support

  • Innate Intelligence, Once Interferences Removed

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BioEnergetic Technologies
We Use:

  • Quantum BioEnergetic Feedback (IMAET)

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  • SoftWave TRT (Tissue Regenerative Technology)

  • FlowPresso Lymphatic Massage with InfraRed

  • Therapeutic Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Frequencies 

  • Therapeutic InfraRed Full Spectrum Light Technology

  • BioModulator/BioTransducer Pain & BioEnergetic Modulation

  • Clear Mind Focus (Visual/Auditory Brain Entrainment)

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We Promote:

  • Organic, non-GMO

  • Grass-Fed, Free Range

  • Grains/Sugar Elimination

  • Highly Filtered Water 

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Ketogenesis with Diet Variation

  • Nutraceutical Potent Natural Supplements

  • Advanced Forms of Fasting for Health & Longevity

Keto-friendly foods
Intermittent Fasting
Keto Diet
Filtered Water
Vegetable Juice
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The Healthy “Doable” Lifestyle Changes
We Recommend:

  • Dietary Changes to Minimize Exposure to GMOs, Chemical Additives, Glyphosates

  • Healthy Circadian Sleep Protocols

  • Recognition of Ancient Grounding/Earthing Practices

  • Critical Impact of Meditation and Mindset for Healing

  • Exercise/Movement/Breath Work Regimens

  • Minimizing Household Toxins (cleaning products, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides)

  • Minimizing Toxic Personal Products (cosmetics, fragrances, shampoos, etc.)

  • Minimizing Exposure to Physical, Chemical and Emotional Toxins

  • Minimizing Exposure to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies at Home/ Work

  • Removal from Exposure to Mold Environments & Effective Mold Remediation

  • Clean Water & Air Solutions

  • Recognition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Continuing Education and Health Awareness of What We Can Do to Promote our Quality of Life & Longevity

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