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Empower Your Wellness Journey with

our Transformative Health Courses!

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Quantum BioEnergetics Academy

Join our 6-Month IMAET Training Academy, mastering BioFrequencies to address emotional trauma, boost human performance, identify pathogens, and influence cellular health. Earn a BioEnergetic Wellness Coach Certification and gain stealth knowledge for future health solutions. Transform lives with cutting-edge BioEnergetics expertise.

Group Foundational

This is a four-month program designed to provide a wellness course for a health participant to enter into a group "Do It Yourself" Foundational Detox Program without the direct supervision required for those people who need a more "hands on coaching" approach for a more comprehensive six month detox strategy for the more complicated case. 


This course pairs well with IMAET practitioners or simply the Mom wanting to begin detox safely.

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This is a 7-week program designed to take the Health participant through a learning journey on the underlying principles, methods and rationale for pursuing a Keto diet leading to empowering the participant to successfully complete a 5-day water fast or another similar fast of their choosing.

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